Friday, August 11, 2006

Official Starting College Life

Well, I official move into my apt. on the 14th of this month and I start my job at Desert Book in which I am really excited. It has really been a blessing how everything has worked into play here. Brittany gets married tomorrow and my new niece will be blessed this sunday. It is an exciting time. Talk to all you later. Love ya


Hollie said...

That is awesome Brianna banana. You'll have to let me know when they have the really good sales there. Or when the cute new things are in that you think I would like.

Good luck with starting college. Those college years are good times!

Love ya,

Hollie said...

So, how has it been???

brianna_banana said...

Well everyone, I am loving college and the whole experience. It was a little hard at first because I was so homesick but now everything is good. Have a wonderful day.

brianna_banana said...

Well I talked with Hollie Traylor the other day and she said that I needed to update my blog so people know what is going on in my life. No I'm not going out with anyone and Yes I am really enjoying the college experience. I have made a lot of friends but I have also been very homesick for Nebraska and my Family. My job is good and I really enjoy the people I am working with. I will keep you posted if anything important happens. Have a wonderful day.

Hollie said...

You're funny Brianna Banana. It was fun talking to you the other day.

Be Good! We miss you!