Sunday, July 05, 2009

New Missionary Blog

So I have created a new blog just for the mission. the address is My mom will be managing it. It is a private blog so if you want to read it, you can e-mail my mom: or go to her blog: Thanks

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Wednesday some girls in my ward and I went up to one of my friends cabin. We had a great time and it was really nice to enjoy nature and get to know people better. My friend Jake who's cabin we went to created names for my friends because he couldn't remember their real names. The girls names were Whitney and Johannah but Jake wanted to remember them as A&W or Anika and Wendy. It was quite the trip and my family was able to meet the crazy guys I had been with for the past day. :)
We went fishing this morning and on the way home the guys asked me to call my mom and see if she would cook anything for us. I did so and little did I know my mom had a whole feast for us. She made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, banana bread, and scrambled eggs. She truly is an amazing women and the guys loved her. They thought she was a way cool mom. Little did I know they called my mom and tried to beat me to my house. They told her not to tell me but she is a good mother and did. Eric and I went to go meet them somewhere because we thought they were lost but they were just playing a joke on us. When we came back I walked in and saw Jake was holding my nephew as if it was his own. It was so funny and my mom and sister found great entertainment from it.
Previously Jake had taken Erics camera and was taking random pictures of everything possible. He gave the camera to my sister and had her tell everyone that my family wanted a picture of them, I was confused and asked Brittany if she got a new camera then Eric was like, hey that looks like my camera, it has a dent in that same place. Eric soon found out that it was his camera and began to run after the other guys. They were too fast and so they had the camera once again. It was quite the trip and I am grateful to have such a wonderful mother and sister who would play along with jokes. Eric still hasn't gotten the camera back but it was quite entertaining for everyone. Enjoy the family picture. (Jake is the one holding my nephew in the middle)

Saturday, May 09, 2009


TEXAN. Yep thats right, I got my mission call and I am going to the Texas Lubbock Mission. I leave July 8th and will be serving the Lord for the next 18 months. What an exciting time. I will add my address a little later so you all can write me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where in the World Am I going to Serve

Yep that's right. I put my mission papers and I would like you all to guess where you think I will be serving the Lord for the next year and a half. My availability is June 1st and my stake president said I could get my call as early as next Thursday the 30th. This is a very exciting time and I want to share it with all you . Hope you all guess right. Love you all.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Steph Thompson (Lake) came down from Idaho and during the Priesthood Session of Conference we decided to go shopping. Little did we know it would turn into a dress up night. Even though we are older than little girls. We are still little girls are heart who love to play dress up. We were lucky enough to have Kaylie my little sister come and take all the pictures for us. I know we look dumb but I suggest that everyone do it some time in their life no matter how old. We tried on about 20 dresses all together and some of them were a pain to get on. We really tried to match but what a fun time we had. Like I said before everyone NEEDS to do this AGAIN for a girls night.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MoAb, UtAh

So I know it has been a while since I last blogged but I felt like it was necessary especially since I have so much to blog about. To start, I am still in school planning to become a nurse. (someday :))I will apply for the nursing program next January so I still have some time. I am still doing special Olympics and loving every minute of it. You learn so much from those around you and I have been able to appreciate people more. My job at the hospital is great and I am learning something new everyday.

Now for my trip to Moab. Me and my roommates decided for spring break we were going to go to Moab since two of us hadn't ever been. It was so beautiful and I can say I have now seen the arch on the Utah license plates. :) We went to Delicate Arch as well as Landscape Arch and the hikes were both gorgeous. I definitely want to go back to hippie ville. :) Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Special Olympics

So These past couple of months, I have been volunteering as a coach for the Special Olympics. It is one of those things that I can't really explain my feeling about fully but I do know that it is such a blessing in my life to be able to help out. I have even gotten a gold medal. I told my parents that it might be the only time that I will get a gold medal in my life. :) I helped out with bocce ball which is kind of like croquet but only you throw the balls and I have also helped out with swimming. I am able to be a unified player which means that there are two athletes who are disabled and then there are coaches or volunteers. I have learned so much from these people. They have helped me see that the only things that really matter are that you are trying your best and are having an enjoyable time. They don't care about winning, of course they want to but it isn't like it is the end of the world like it is for me and others at times. They are such great people to follow who are truly like Christ. I hope one day I will be able to be as forgiving and loving as they are. They are truly unique and amazing people. Here are some pictures of this past weekend with some of the athletes.