Friday, October 27, 2006


Well since I told people I would send pictures, I'm going to fulfill my promise. These pictures are of some friends here at LDSBC. I love College. Some of the pictures are crazy but that is showing how much fun I am having. I have learned to not think about homw as much and try to always be busy. Life is good and I know everyone will enjoy the pics.


Hollie said...

Yippee! Pictures finally :) Looks like you are having a blast. I loved my college years, roommates, staying up at all hours, playing pranks on people. I’ve got some really good April Fools pranks for ya....hehehe :) Good Times!

Oh, we just went to Walgreen’s and stocked up on the Halloween candy on sale. I couldn't resist. Cheap Twix in the freezer......I'll just run extra hard on Monday :)

wendysue said...

Love the pictures. . .reminds me of all the fabulous memories I have of college! Enjoy it!

Amanda said...

Hey Brianna,
We love the pictures. Callie enjoyed seeing them. Its great to see how happy you are. Enjoy and study hard.

brianna_banana said...

It is so good to hear from all of you. It is amazing to think that I can still keep in touch with you. I love college but miss a lot of people so it is good to hear all of you are doing good. love ya

Deb said...

I love these pictures... reminds me of all the great friends I made in college. Keep the memories coming!