Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So since I have more time on my hands because of school being done, I can update this more regularly. I love being able to spend time with family and this past weekend, I went down to Springville and saw the BYU dancers with my parents and grandparents. We were able to see a Sister missionary who served in Nebraska who is now on the BYU dance team. She actually gets to go to China for the opening of the Summer Olympics. The picture with me and my dad is my favorite because it shows how a like we are.(he will probably get mad because I put that picture up) Some of the other pictures are of me and Brittany riding on the scooters. I remember when they were so cool and Brittany and I are still kids so it works out great. We had a lot of fun but of course, all the family thought we were the biggest dorks.

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wendysue said...

Sister Devine! How fun to see her picture. . .we always loved to talk Ballroom dancing when she was here!

Love the photos of you and your fam!