Thursday, May 14, 2009


Wednesday some girls in my ward and I went up to one of my friends cabin. We had a great time and it was really nice to enjoy nature and get to know people better. My friend Jake who's cabin we went to created names for my friends because he couldn't remember their real names. The girls names were Whitney and Johannah but Jake wanted to remember them as A&W or Anika and Wendy. It was quite the trip and my family was able to meet the crazy guys I had been with for the past day. :)
We went fishing this morning and on the way home the guys asked me to call my mom and see if she would cook anything for us. I did so and little did I know my mom had a whole feast for us. She made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, banana bread, and scrambled eggs. She truly is an amazing women and the guys loved her. They thought she was a way cool mom. Little did I know they called my mom and tried to beat me to my house. They told her not to tell me but she is a good mother and did. Eric and I went to go meet them somewhere because we thought they were lost but they were just playing a joke on us. When we came back I walked in and saw Jake was holding my nephew as if it was his own. It was so funny and my mom and sister found great entertainment from it.
Previously Jake had taken Erics camera and was taking random pictures of everything possible. He gave the camera to my sister and had her tell everyone that my family wanted a picture of them, I was confused and asked Brittany if she got a new camera then Eric was like, hey that looks like my camera, it has a dent in that same place. Eric soon found out that it was his camera and began to run after the other guys. They were too fast and so they had the camera once again. It was quite the trip and I am grateful to have such a wonderful mother and sister who would play along with jokes. Eric still hasn't gotten the camera back but it was quite entertaining for everyone. Enjoy the family picture. (Jake is the one holding my nephew in the middle)

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The CEO said...

We found you! Congrats on your call. I told you mom that we have some friends headed to Lubbock for Law School. :) Hope all is well. Love, Shanna and Brent