Friday, July 13, 2007

Fun with Morgan and Jackson

It has been a while since I last added something so I figured I should add things that tell abot my life right now for the summer. A lot of these pictures are of my dad and my niece and nephew. It is so nice to have my parents here in Utah so I can visit them whenever I want. You don't really understand how important your parents are to you until you have actually had the chance to see what life is like by yourself. I think for this blog I will just express all my gratitude for my amazing parents. They have helped me through everything and I love that I am able to spend time with them when I want now that they are here in Utah. I also love that I can be with my niece, Morgan and nephew, Jackson when I want. It is such a great blessing. I love my family!!!! One of the pictures I love the most is the one with my nephew with his arms behind his back. Oh he is so cute. I love all these pics especially the one with my dog and me. Max is pretty amazing!!!!

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Hollie said...

Awesome! I bet you are happy they are there close to you. I love that picture of you and your dog.

Cute Cute Cute!!!!!